"How do I sign up for Wexus?"

Signing up for Wexus is a simple, four step process. Simply click here to get started.

"Who do I contact for more information to see if Wexus is right for my farm?"

Please send an email to with your name, company name, and phone number. Or just head to our Contact Us page, enter your information and a Wexus team member will follow up with you directly.

"What customers do you work with? How do they feel about your product & services?"

We work with all types of farms from small to large, and both indoor growers (greenhouses) and outdoor growers. We are crop agnostic and work with growers who want to optimize their energy usage: from fixed/permanent crops (wine grapes, table grapes, almonds, pistachios, etc) to row & commodity crops (berries, vegetables, corn, alfalfa, wheat, etc).

Here are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers: 

“With Wexus’s rate analysis service our operation was able to save 40% (+$40,000) in annual energy costs on just one irrigation pump.”- Large berry and vegetable grower, Central Coast, CA

“It’s great to have a technology company finally focusing in the agricultural water space to help growers gain easy and actionable access to our energy data.” – Julien Gervreau, Sr Sustainability Mgr, Jackson Family Wines

“Wexus has been very helpful for us, especially for managing our wells. On heavy months I look at it every day so we can make adjustments right away.” – Ranch Manager, Berry Grower, Monterey County CA

“There is nothing else out there like it. The value in the service is in tracking what energy is actually costing me.” – Dairy & Almond Farmer, Hanford CA

“I signed up because I want to look at my bill easier. There are only so many irrigators out there, and miles of drip lines to track. Wexus can help me make management decisions.” – Vineyard Manager, Monterey County CA

“I like the ease of communication and the “impulse” of something to look at while at the ranch and I’m standing next to my pumps.” – Berry Grower, Salinas CA 

“I’m able to quantify my cost per acre-foot (of water) with the Wexus program.” – Berry Grower, Salinas CA 

“I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air. We could do a better job of tracking energy but don’t have time. Wexus helps us do that.” – Vineyard Manager, Monterey County CA

“It’s extremely useful for ranches that have the ability to irrigate and be done by noon.” – Ranch Manager, Vegetable Grower, Monterey County CA

“Your product gives clients information they need in order to make informed decisions on their energy usage.” – Controller, Vegetable Grower, Monterey County, CA

“Wexus is clean and easily legible. I really like how you have the comparison versus the previous year. This is helpful to see our trends.” – Vineyard Manager, Monterey County CA

"How much does Wexus cost? How do you make money and who keeps the cost savings? Do you charge a share of any energy cost savings?"

We offer 3 simple pricing plans: Starter, Professional and Enterprise.

Costs are flexible under a “per meter, per month” subscription plan, and costs are charged under a single, annual subscription fee. So that means you can sign up as many meters/pumps under each package that make the most sense for your farm. And paying annually means you have flexibility if your farm or equipment is leased vs owned.

We don’t charge per acre. And we don’t charge a percentage of savings. You keep any cost savings we identify. And you can opt out at any time. How can we do this? Our software technology leverages existing utility data networks, is highly scalable, and allows us to drive low cost automation and efficiency for farmers.

What type of savings have we driven? Our customers have seen on average 10% annual savings off their energy costs. Some customers have seen up to 40% savings. What would you do with say, another $40,000 that you would’ve otherwise paid on your energy bill?

"What's your company mission? How are you aligned with farmers?"

Our mission is to help farms save money, energy, and water through our services and technology. With rising energy prices, rising populations, unpredictable weather patterns, periods of prolonged drought, overstressed groundwater aquifers, and low crop price margins, we have big challenges to overcome. Overcoming these challenges requires including everyone, and that means farms of all sizes in the ag industry.

Our software technology leverages existing utility data networks, is highly scalable, and allows us to drive low cost automation and efficiency for farmers.

“Does Wexus work with ag industry partners? Who do I contact for partnership opportunities or to set up a conversation?”

Yes! We work with multiple partners in the ag industry including energy and irrigation consultants, pump servicing companies, hardware/controls/automation companies, distributed energy suppliers and installers (i.e. solar PV), as well as electric and water utilities.

Please send an email to with your name, company name, and phone number. Or just head to our Contact Us page, enter your information, and a Wexus team member will follow up with you directly.

“Who owns the data? Do you share my data with anyone? Can I export my data?”

You own your data. Wexus does not share your data with any other parties without your explicit permission.

We follow a highly-vetted process from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that only allows customers to release their own energy data to third parties via a standard, signed release form through their utility. We are also a certified Data Guard (energy data privacy program) vendor with the U.S. Department of Energy, and we encrypt your data per software industry best practices. We value your privacy!

You can easily export your utility billing and usage data directly from the Wexus platform into an Excel spreadsheet in csv format. This can save hours of time each month not having to manually enter your utility billing data for your business opex reporting or cost accounting.

"How does the Wexus software platform work? Where do you get energy (and water) data?"

With your permission, Wexus automatically downloads energy billing and usage data directly from your utility provider (and water data directly from your flowmeter hardware vendor), then ties your costs and usage to pumps and buildings at your farm. Wexus then automatically logs trends over time and provides recommendations on how you can save money and energy, via text alerts and monthly email reports. We can also install additional hardware devices at your pumps to track energy usage and costs in near-real-time, and alert you to high energy usage, dropping efficiency of your pumps, or falling water tables before they fail.

"After I sign up for Wexus' Professional or Enterprise Plan, will you assign me an Account Manager? Will they help train my team and check in with me monthly?"

Yes! After you sign up for either a Professional or Enterprise level plan, we’ll automatically assign you an Energy Engineer who will train you and your team on how to use the Wexus software platform, take a deeper dive into the analytics & energy data to drive savings, and work with your energy utility provider to take steps on your behalf and save you time.

"Why do I need Wexus? I’m going to water when I need to water."

We’re not going tell you how to irrigate.  Its not our business to tell you how to run your business. The challenge of modern agriculture is immense and no one knows your operation better than you do.  But wouldn’t you want better information to make an informed energy-irrigation decision, and potentially save thousands of dollars a day? That is where Wexus comes in: harnessing data to provide actionable insights that inform decision making to improve your bottom line.

"Why do I need Wexus? I’m juggling a lot of balls in the air every day. I don’t have time to track energy/water costs."

Let Wexus do it for you! We’ve made it easy to put your data to work and provide meaningful insights at a moments glance.  Our team members have extensive experience in energy and production
agriculture, and we’re well aware of the constant challenges our customers face every day.  Our goal is to inform decision making as seamlessly as possible for our customers, and save them a lot of time and money.

"Why do I need Wexus? Our pumps are all running smoothly."

Are you absolutely sure? A pump is the heart of an irrigation system. A worn pump could be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars in excess electric charges and reducing access to water. When a pump isn’t optimized to meet growing requirements, crops can suffer in size and quality. Wexus automatically monitors your system 24/7 so you don’t have to.  Don’t find out you have a major irrigation problem before it’s too late.

"Why do I need Wexus? We already track our water usage."

That’s great! Are you also tracking your energy usage? Along with helping you track your water usage, Wexus gives you the full picture of what it is actually costing you to irrigate your crops, along with your pump efficiency.  Energy costs take away from your bottom line. We track and help you optimize energy usage so you get the most our of your field operations and reduce the risk of pumps unexpectedly failing.

"Why do I need Wexus' Rate Analysis Service? Doesn’t my utility account rep already do this for me?”

If you have a good relationship with your service representative, we encourage you to work with them. Often times this will be a one-time analysis and adjustment. At Wexus we will actively track your usage and recommend you switch your rate class up to twice a year if we see savings. We see ourselves as an advocate on your behalf with the resources and know-how to optimize your energy usage and costs.


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